Guide To Getting 50$ worth of Free Crypto

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This template is the #000 Block of Crypto OS

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Looking to boost your finances without lifting a finger?

Who wouldn't want free money? I certainly wouldn't mind!

I have created a step by step guide for you to get you started!
With a few simple steps, you can earn your first cryptocurrency, for Free!

There are countless ways to earn money without spending a dime, in the crypto space.

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So why wait?

Start earning today and watch your journey take a turn towards financial freedom!

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To Get Started With the Free Crypto Guide:

Simply create a Notion account and duplicate the template to your workspace.

If you don't have a Notion account, sign up for one before you can duplicate the template.

I'm always here to lend a helping hand and explain the guide fully to you.

Send me a message on X/Twitter I got you!

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Who Is Behind This Brand?

Hi there, My name is Nixi 👋

I'm a Crypto Trader & Investor, besides all that I'm also a Certified Notion Creator and I specialize in creating Notion Crypto templates, Guides and I also try to bring new people into the Crypto World.

By studying Cryptocurrencies, It gave me an unfair advantage that not many people have. In my 5+ years of Experience with Crypto, I've learned how the financial system works and especially how to extract money from it.

Now I'm now dedicated to helping other traders, creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone in between who is ready to learn do the same, and live a better, financially stable life!


1. How to use this Notion template Guide?

2. Can I use this without having Notion ?

Yes, Notion is just the tool I used to create this, you can save it as a bookmark on your browser!

But you won't be able to use the automations if you don't duplicate it.

3. Does Notion have a Free plan?

It does! sign up here

4. Does this work with the free version of Notion?

Of course it does.

5.Can I pay with Crypto?

Yes you can! Here is my Sellix Store

6. Can I get a refund?

All sales of digital products are final and non-refundable. This Refund Policy complies with the regulations set forth to safeguard consumer rights in the digital products marketplace.

That Being said, We do not offer refunds but we do however offer exceptional customer support in our Private Discord. . So if you encounter any major issues with the product, please Contact Us so we can resolve it ASAP.

7. If I have any more Questions?

You can contact me directly through Twitter or on my email I would be more than happy to help you!

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Guide To Getting Free Crypto

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Guide To Getting 50$ worth of Free Crypto

12 ratings
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